Soccer Edition – FAQ


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How to track soccer stats?  Quick tutorial.

There are many ways to track stats in soccer. The most importat part is to be consistent game after game. We propose the following guidelines for tracking stats with Stats2Share.  As our community of stats grows, keeping a common set guidelines will allow multiple team comparisons.

Offensive Plays

Each offensive play can have 4 different outcomes:

  • Goal scored: Track each goal through the Goal Stat.
  • Shot/header that was going in the net (was going to be a goal) but it is stopped by goalie or a defensive player. Track this stat using: Shots On Goal.
  • Shot/header that hits a post or the crossbar are tracked as Shots Off Goal. 
  • Shot/header that is away from the net.  It is an attempt but it is misdirected.  Track these offensive plays as Shots Off Goal.

There are other plays that we don't recommend to track on our App.

  • Missed cross or miss hit that never had a chance. These are not tracked.
  • Goalie coming out to pick up a long pass that offensive player did not have a chance.

Set Plays

In addition to these offensive plays, it is useful to track all Free Kicks, Corner Kicks, and Offsides called.

Free Kicks are awarded as a result of a foul or a hand ball (not an offside).  These include both direct and indirect free kicks.  Free kick stats help coaches assess each team’s risk of giving up too many set plays to the other team.  As teams get older and better set plays become more dangerous.

  • If the result of a free kick is a goal. Track a Free Kick at the time it is called, then track a Goal Scored.

Corner Kicks are tracked for the team taking the corner kick. It is considered an offensive set play.

  • If the result of a corner kick is a goal after a header or kick, track the Corner Kick at the time it is called, then track a Goal scored.

Called Offsides show if a team is having problems attacking or if a defense is very good at leaving players offside. This stat is tracked for the offensive team when they are called offside.  For example, if your team is attacking and they are called offside, you should track it on your team's stats as a Called Offside stat.

That’s it. You are ready!  Try it and after a couple of games it will become second nature to you and your coach.  Your coach will be asking you to track stats more often.

At Stats2Share, we are committed to simple stats that help the coach and team improve, keep the parents more engaged, allows for quick sharing with friends, family and other parents.


How many teams can I track?

Version 1.x only allows tracking for 1 team.